Mororo residents told to take their children to school

Children playing in Mororo Township. Such children ought to be either in ECDE centres or primary schools.

Madogo deputy county commissioner Emmanuel Kiraga has called on Mororo residents to take their children to school. Talking to residents at a public Baraza at Mororo market, the administrator wondered why there were many school age children roaming streets.

He asked the chiefs through nyumba kumi to report parents who haven’t taken their children so that legal action to be taken against them.

‘”Now it is suicidal for a parent not to take a child to school. Education, he said, “is the best gift a parent can give to a child.’’


MP releases Ksh60M for bursaries in his constituency

Opinion leader Hussein Wachu accused the Tana County administration of not providing services to residents.

He said Madogo and Maramtu secondary schools lack water yet the learning facilities sit on the banks of Tana River. “It is unfair to expect students to fetch water from the crocodile and hippo infested river,’’ Wachu said.

Wondering why Madogo secondary was in debt of KSh3 million, he blasted county administration for not providing bursary yet NG-CDF was albeit limply operational and there are very few students in the riverine county.

Mohamed Mukabwa an aspirant in 2022 MCA polls said it was ironical for county government gathering cool revenue of KSh4.2 billion annually and yet there wasn’t much to write home about in the riverine county.

‘It’s shameful and unhygienic for the school to have their meals cooked under a tree and answer call of nature under trees in the open defection.’’

By Amoto Ndiewo

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