Monitoring of CBC is key to its absolute implementation

CBC pupils during an agriculture practical lesson at Talau Junior High School. Parents have said that education reforms must be approached with caution.

Curriculum monitoring refers to a periodical process of assessing of the curriculum implementation and coming up with adjustments to align it with its objectives. Curriculum monitoring virtually determines how best it is working.

The rationale of curriculum monitoring includes provision of feedback on acquisition of competencies to the learner, teacher, guardian/parents and interested stakeholders.

It goes ahead to identify learners potential and talents with a view of developing and nurturing them.

Monitoring helps in improving instructional strategies apart from highlighting gaps in provision of resources and support the implementation of the curriculum.

CBC in view of the above requires a thorough monitoring for it to achieve its objectives.

A cursory look of its implementation since roll out will continue giving us an impression that 8-4-4 is still being implemented in some schools both public and private.


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Ranking of learners is a major aspect of 8-4-4 that has failed to leave some schools compounds. When teachers are asked, they will quickly admit that it is the demand and wish of the parents to know the position of his/her child in relation to the rest.

Pupils in a Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) lesson at Eshitare primary school in Butere Sub-county in Kakamega county. File Photo

Linking learning to home environment appears to be an area that tutors face a big challenge. This is another glaring indicator of existence of traces of 8-4-4 in CBC. Ideally, learning should extend from school to home in order to become meaningful to the learner.

Teacher preparation plays a pivotal role in CBC implementation. It is not strange to find inadequately prepared teachers facilitating in classrooms. The commonly employed method of instruction largely remains lecture method with minimal participation of the learners.

Monitoring of the competency based curriculum should be strengthened at the school level and be perfected by the Ministry of Education and TSC field officers.

By Joseph Kiptoo

The author is Student at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology.

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