MoE promotes 300 Quality Assurance and Standards Officers


The Ministry of Education (MoE) has promoted 300 Quality Assurance and Standards Officers, (QUSOs) to the next job groups.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) is understood to have approved the list of the officers set for upgrading to new job groups.

This has been confirmed by a senior officer at Jogoo House, who said that QASOs who had been at job group M have been promoted to job group P. Those previously at P were automatically moved to R as those previously at R will now be placed at job group S.

Last month, the MoE promoted all sub-county, county and regional education directors to the next job groups leaving out QASOs during the exercise, raising concerns.


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The Ministry, since the beginning of this year has been making efforts to motivate QASOs in order to boost service delivery.

Just this month, March, Jogoo House for the first time has allowed QASOs to get budget allocation to run its programmes.

Thus, they can access the funds from the county directors or sub-county directors depending on who they report to.

Education News has established that QASOs serving at sub-county level, will access between KSh260,000 to KSh400,000 to do their work while their counterparts working at the county level will access between KSh650,000 to KSh1.2 million as those at the regionals will access between KSh1 million to KSh1.5 million to run their operations.

The Ministry allocates approximately KSh300 million per Financial Year for the QASOs operations.

Quality Assurance department is an important intelligence arm of the ministry, mandated with the responsibility of conducting investigations whenever necessary in schools, conduct assessments of schools, do appraisals of the school operations among other things.

The Ministry has one Quality Assurance and Standards Officer at the sub county, county and regional levels.

By Brian Ndigo

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