MoE lacks 15,000 classrooms for Grade 9 learners in 2025, Machogu says

Education Cabinet Secretary Dr Ezekiel Machogu.

Ministry of Education (MoE) lacks 15,021 classrooms for the use by the first cohort of Grads 9 learners next year.

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu on Wednesday March 20 said that the ministry has tabulated the number of classrooms required countrywide as per county.

He was responding to a query by Nominated Senator Eddy Oketch on the State’s preparation to accommodate the Grade 9 learners when he appeared before the Senate.

He said, “We carried out assessment and found that we have a shortage of 15,021 classrooms for those who will be transitioning into Grade 9 next year.”


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Machogu said, adding that he had tabled the findings to the Senate.

He added that they are working to ensure infrastructure is available for next year’s cohort of Grade 9, and added that the State has set aside a grant of KSh3.39 billion to the NG-CDF which will be used to build classrooms 15,000 classrooms.

He added, “The CDF we also agreed is supposed to match this funding from their allocation such that once we build one classroom using this fund, they will also be able to do another classroom.

Out of this, we expect that we will be able to do 6000 integrated resource centres for our JSS.”

He also added further that State received World Bank KSh9 that will towards constructing 9,000 classrooms.

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