MoE cuts capitation by KSh5,000 per student

Students in a class session at the laboratory.

The Ministry of Education (MoE) said that it has downscaled school capitation by about KSh5,000 per student under the Free Secondary Education programme.

MoE said it was facing a KSh22 deficit due to constant funding by State despite an increase in student population.

A student thus is allocated a capitation of Sh17,000 down from KSh22,224 and the ministry will disburse KSh16.25 billion owed to public secondary schools within the next 10 days.

Basic Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang appearing before the Public Accounts Committee in the National Assembly on Monday March 18 said that the State has been allocating KSh54 billion for capitation over the last six years.


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Thus the funding can only fully cater for 3.2 million students, a stark contrast to the actual enrollment of 4.2 million.

He said, “We get a blanket figure of Sh54 billion which if we provide the full capitation amount can only cater for 3.2 million learners but the number of students currently stands at 4.2 million learners.”

However on introduction of CBC the PS said, “Remember we shall not be having a Form One class so the under-funding will go down to about Sh11 billion and that is what the Education committee is trying to ensure is taken care of in this 2024/2025 financial year,’’ Kipsang said.

The schools close on April 5 for this term.

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