MoE clarifies why some TVETs don’t receive State capitation

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu when he presided over the Education day and Launch of the Strategic plan for 2024-2028 of The Henry Kosgei Secondary School in Tinderet constituency, Nandi County over the weekend.

The Ministry of Education Cabinet Secretary, Ezekiel Machogu has explained why not all Training Vocational Education and Training Institutions (TVETs) receive capitation from the National Government stating that there are two types of TVETs in the country.

He was speaking during centenary celebrations of Technical and Vocational Education and Training in the country at Nyeri National Polytechnic yesterday.

According to Machogu, one is the Technical Training Institutes (TTIs) which are under the National Government and the other one is Vocational Training Centres (VTCs) under the county governments.

Machogu said the National Government gives capitation to TTIs College students based on enrolment numbers. He further added that TTIs trainees also enjoy the Higher Education Loans Board and special grants which are given by the Government.


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The State is committed to providing capitation to students in TTIs at the rate of KSh30, 000 per academic year.

On the VTCs, Machogu explained that the State do not extend any capitation to them due the fact that they are under the county governments.

He added that before 2021, the National Government used to give conditional grants to the counties for the purpose of the VTCs to cater for equipment, however following considerations between the national and devolved governments, the county governments requested to convert this conditional grants of KSh2 billion to equalisation fund.

“Unfortunately since that time, the money is given out by the National Government as equalisation fund and it is not used purposely and strictly for VTCs,” CS said.

Machogu confirmed that some Vocational Training Centres are in a pathetic situation adding that the ministry is in discussion with the county government through the Committee of Education in Parliament on what should be done to have VCTs serve their purpose in the education sector.

Additionally, the CS said the Government aims to establish a TTI institution in every constituency affirming that 238 are already established with only 52 remaining to achieve the Government’s target.

By Brian Ndigo

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