MoE asked not to discriminate against special needs schools in sports funding

Special Schools Heads Association of Kenya for Secondary Schools Walter Kwanusu at Nakuru High during Special needs school’s sports competition. Photo: Peter Otuoro.

Ministry of Education (MoE) has been asked not to neglect Special Needs Education (SNE) schools during sporting activities at the sub-county level which denies thousands of learners an opportunity to nurture their talents.

Special Schools Heads Association of Kenya (SSHAK) for primary schools National Chairman Peter Sitiemei asked MoE to be fair and distribute sports fund in special needs institutions the same way they are distributing to regular schools.

Sitiemei said some time it forces teachers to use their money from their personal pocket to transport learners to sub-county sporting competition.

“It sometime forces teachers to use money from their pocket to transport the learners to sub county sporting competition, and if they do not have money some students never participate in the sporting activities despite of having high potential,” said Sitiemei.


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He also said SNE learners should be given special equipment they are supposed to use during various sporting activities.

“Sport equipment are very essential to be used by learners in SNE schools during competitions, although we have few equipment, we request the MoE to add more sporting equipment,” said Sitiemei.

Elsewhere Special School Heads Association of Kenya National Chairman (Secondary Schools) Walter Kwanusu has asked the MoE to increase capitation in SNE secondary schools to enhance the smooth running of the institutions.

Kwanusu said the currently capitation  fund disbursed by the Government is not adequate putting in to consideration the high cost of commodities compared to the enrolment in the SNE Secondary school.

Kwanusu who was speaking at Nakuru High during special needs school’s sporting competition said, “As we appreciate capitation that we are getting from the Government, we are requesting for the increase in capitation so that the SNE Secondary school heads can run the schools smoothly,” said Kwanusu.

By Peter Otuoro

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