MoE announces attractive scholarships to Hungary and China

Education Cabinet Secretar Ezekiel Machogu speaking at a recent function.

The Ministry of Education (MoE), in collaboration with the governments of Hungary and China, has announced attractive scholarship opportunities for Kenyan students with monthly allowances for upkeep.

In a notice issued on Tuesday, the ministry highlighted that the scholarships cover undergraduate, Master’s, and postgraduate degree programmes.

Hungary’s scholarship programme, known as the Hungaricum Scholarship Programme, is set to benefit 200 Kenyan students. Recipients will enjoy a monthly stipend of Ksh18,850 along with comprehensive annual medical cover.

The Hungarian government is also offering free accommodation for the entire duration of the beneficiaries’ courses.

The scholarship encompasses a variety of fields, including General Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Architecture, Law, Veterinary Surgery, and Forestry Engineering.

Interested applicants can access detailed information at

The application window is open until January 17, 2024.

The Chinese scholarship has 18 slots for eligible Kenyan students for diverse programmes ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate degrees.

The fields of study include Medicine, Marketing, Tourism, Music, Economics and Computer Science, among others.

For undergraduate programmes, applicants must have achieved a minimum KCSE mean grade of B (Plain) and be 25 years and below.

Original KCSE certificates, along with completion of secondary education in the last three years, are also prerequisites.

Interested individuals can apply through the official website of the China Scholarship Council,, selecting Type A under the ‘Programme Category’, and using the Agency Number 4041.

The application deadline is December 8, 2023.

By Viola Chepkemoi

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