MMUST Professor invents app to enhance disbursement of loans to students

Prof. Stephen Odebero and Hesbon Amwayi at a past forum. Photo Courtesy.

A Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) Professor has invented a computer application that if adopted, will enable fair and equitable allocation and disbursement of loans to students in institutions of higher learning.

Speaking during a presser, MMUST Post-Graduate Studies Director Prof. Stephen Odebero and Information Technology (IT) expert, and co-inventor Hesbon Amwayi said that the application will greatly assist the government implement the newly launched university funding model.

“This is a game-changer in the financing of higher learning education where every student will get a loan equivalent to their needs and economic background,” said Prof. Odebero.

He explained that the app processes details provided by an applicant and instantly calculates the amount of money they are eligible to get.

However, if the applicant keys in contradicting information, the app rejects the application until they provide true information.

“Each user will be given a Unique Personal Identifier (UPI) number which will correlate with what the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) has, thus the app will instantly detect false information,” Amwayi said.

He added that the app will also assist KCSE candidates seeking admission into university by highlighting and recommending the university and courses they are qualified to take.

After they qualify, they will receive communication from the university without necessarily visiting the institution.

Prof. Odebero noted that he started the innovation ten years ago as his Post-graduate thesis, stating that the Intellectual Property (IP) is already approved and is under the protection of the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI).

MMUST Vice-Chancellor (VC) Professor Solomon Shibairo said that the innovation is a godsend and will ensure all children enroll to institutions of higher learning.

By Thuita Jaswant

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