MMU students hold protests after hyena attacks two colleagues

One of the MMU students who were attcaked by a hyena.

Multimedia University (MMU) students on Tuesday held protests demanding protection from the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) after two students were attacked by a hyena.

The students blocked Magadi Road near Ongata Rongai for hours before the police teargassed them.

The two victims are currently nursing injuries at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) after the attack on Monday evening.

The students, Kelvin Mwenda and Stephen Romo were attacked at around 8 pm along Maasai Lodge road in Ongata Rongai ward, Kajiado County.

Mwenda was attacked first and when his colleague tried to rescue him, the hyena turned on him and ripped his fingers and injured their hands and legs.

The two were admitted at Wama Hospital In the area before being transferred to KNH.

This comes three weeks after a hyena killed a student who was heading home from school in Juja.

KWS advised residents not to run away when they face the hounds and instead stay calm and try to talk to them or make loud noises that sound aggressive and frightening.

In the statement, they further advised not to play dead and refrain from running as the hyenas will put up a chase as is in their nature. People should also not move away until the hyena does and when they do, they should continue facing their direction.

By Obegi Malack |

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