Migori Governor urges youth to embrace sports

Migori County Governor Ochillo Ayacko

Migori County Governor, Dr. Ochillo Ayacko, has encouraged youth to channel their energy into constructive activities, particularly engaging in sports, during the extended holiday break.

Dr. Ayacko emphasized the importance of exploiting talents through activities like ball matches, steering young individuals away from substance and drug abuse.

The governor’s office has devised a comprehensive program for students to participate in, with a call for parental and teacher support.

Ntimaru FC of Kuria East .

“We want to encourage our youths to exploit their potential in sports because it can help them to be employed and earn a living,” Dr. Ayacko stated.

Deputy Governor Joseph Mahiri, representing Dr. Ayacko, launched the Governor’s Cup, a county-wide tournament encompassing 40 wards.

The league-based competition, featuring soccer, handball, netball, and volleyball for both male and female youths, aims to unearth and nurture football talent within the region.

Mahiri assured comprehensive support for participating teams, including uniforms, balls, nets, and water, enhancing the players’ comfort and overall experience.

Talent FC to meet Ntimaru FC at Kehancha stadium.

The winning teams, in both male and female categories, stand to receive cash prizes of Ksh50,000, Ksh40,000, and Ksh30,000 for the first, second, and runner-up positions, respectively.

The tournament, culminating on the 14th of this month, not only fosters competition but also aims to promote unity and bonding among youth across the county.

Governor Ayacko stressed the importance of sportsmanship and announced plans for the tournament to become an annual event, facilitating the establishment of a standing county government team.

In a related development, Ntimaru FC is scheduled to face Talent FC at Kehancha Stadium in Kuria East Constituency today.

By Enock Okong’o

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