Medical graduates advised to get training on emerging technologies

Modern equipment are sophisticated and medical graduates should get refresher courses for familiarity with their operations.

Medical graduates have been advised to seek retraining to avoid redundancy in the wake of increased digitization of operations in hospitals.

According to Dr Josphat Njuguna, Principal of Mount Kenya University College of Health Services, most graduates of health sciences need retraining to familiarize with the emerging digital technologies.

Dr Njuguna noted that new digital skills in the world of medicine are needed because digitization is gradually but surely bound to revolutionize operations in the medical field.

He warned that failure by past and present medical fraternity to enroll for short courses and become conversant with emerging medical equipment could force many of them into redundancy.

In a statement analysing the various digital medical equipment imported into the country in the recent past, Dr Njuguna urged authorities in universities, colleges and health facilities to hasten their acquisition and use of the equipment to avoid being side-lined by patients and trainees.

“Universities need to ensure that their students are exposed to the new digital equipment being adopted in leading hospitals,” he said, adding that a large number of these graduates have been unsuccessful in seeking internships because of their backward knowledge.

In addition, the need for technical people to maintain and repair the new equipment already in use creates opportunities for new courses at various technical colleges.

This means that county governments also need to retrain staff to handle the new machines while others have to be recruited and trained to repair such machines.


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By Robert Nyagah

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