MCA plans to table a motion that minds the welfare of disabled children

Richmond Manani, Kisii County MCA

A Kisii MCA Richmond Manani has promised to introduce a motion in the assembly aimed at enacting a disability Act for inclusivity, which will effectively cater for young children with mobility challenges to ensure they access education without hindrance.

Manani emphasized that the Disability Act, which was initially proposed in 2016, will seek to devolve disability-related functions to counties so that reliance on the central government for funding is minimized.

He called attention to the financial challenges faced by special schools and the need for sufficient funding to make education accessible to individuals with disabilities.

In this regard, the MCA is proposing the establishment of a special fund to support these schools rather than burdening learners with fees.

He also stressed the necessity of introducing people with disabilities to the digital world to enable them benefit from digital resources and opportunities.

Additionally, Manani suggested that a comprehensive review of the existing Disability Act should be conducted to assess if it has effectively achieved its intended purpose.

The Act dates back to 2003 to promote equity among individuals with disabilities, but has never been effectively adopted.

By Elizabeth Angira

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