Mbeere South MP outlines strategies to improve education

Mbeere South MP G.K. Ruku has outlined the plans he has to improve the education sector in the region.

He revealed that he has allocated more than Ksh22 million in bursaries for all university and college students from the area.

“The bursaries were issued in transparency and without discrimination,” he said, adding that

each of the 2,234 learners in universities and colleges has been allocated Ksh10,000.

Ruku noted that from next year, all ECDE and Grade 3 learners will enjoy free porridge prepared with fortified flour.

“This programme is meant to improve the nutrition and health of the learners,” he said.

He said he has launched campaigns to improve the infrastructure in dilapidated schools.

Mianjitini Primary School, which has dilapidated infrastructure, will receive at least Ksh7 million for infrastructural development.

The legislator has also launched major links with local and international ICT firms to ensure all schools are digitized.

“Junior Secondary School units will be the first beneficiaries,” he said, adding that experts from American based Oracle Tech Firm had already visited the region and done a survey.

Ruku urged locals to enroll at the University of Embu and technical colleges such as Jeremiah Nyagah Technical Training Institute to enhance their skills.

He also revealed that he has liaised with international companies to have graduates from the region work internationally.

“Already the Austrian government has accepted the CVs of 10 young computer and IT experts from Mbeere South and the group can soon travel to the foreign country for work,” he proudly revealed.

By Robert Nyagah

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