Mawego TTI student dies in mysterious circumstances

SUICIDE Shanderema School

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Grief and sorrow engulfed Kasaye Kokoth Kataa location within Karachuonyo constituency, Homa Bay County following the mysterious death of a Mawego technical training institute student.

Daisy Akoth is suspected to have taken her own life in what is believed to have been suicide after a note was found beside her dead body.

The 20-year-old girl was found lifeless in her uncle’s house while her grandmother was away attending church services.

Akoth the first-year student,  who was pursuing a diploma in electrical engineering reportedly complained of headaches and had remained at home relaxing under a tree before her demise.

According to the local chief Michael Owino, Akoth only left a note with the M-Pesa pins for the two phone lines she had and a statement stating that she had committed suicide but the primary reason behind the suicide is yet to be known.

“The deceased had been left at home by her grandmother with whom she used to stay with complaining of headaches however when the grandmother who had gone to church returned, her lifeless body was found hanging on the rooftop of her uncle’s house,” the administrator stated.

Following the incident, Owino advised parents to always keep close to their children and offer pieces of advice on the problems they normally face.

The deceased body has since been taken to Kendu Bay Adventist Hospital for preservation.

By Thuita Jaswant

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