Matungulu Girls School unveils Sh36M worth storey building by NG-CDF


Matungulu Member of Parliament Stephen Mutinda Mule on Wednesday commissioned a four-story building at Matungulu girls’ high school.

Speaking during the event Mule disclosed that the project began in 2019 and has been funded in three financial years to its completion.

The building that hosts 16 classes, departmental offices, and washrooms among other rooms is worth Sh.36 million

“Congratulations to my NG-CDF team and the school Project Management Committee for all the hard work and positive reasoning.

You took the importance of cooperation to an unheard-of level.” He said

Matungulu MP Stephen Mule welcomed at Matungulu Girls High School by the school principal: Photo by Gastone Valusi

You influenced me to accept the budget of Sh Million despite the challenges and through that diligent work and coordination; I’ve learned we can achieve anything.

This task could never be finished without the pack of profoundly skilled and moving colleagues like you,” he said.

The legislator outlined his plans to enhance education by development and urged education stakeholders not to listen to naysayers.

“Some say there is no development in Matungulu and besides this project for the last eight years we have put up 17 new day secondary schools without asking any parent a single coin.

We are doing other projects for other remaining schools which include classes, administration blocks, and libraries among other projects,” he said.

Mule urged students to put effort in their education and avoid bad company.

The MP called on the various arms of government to give priority attention to adequate funding of the education sector in the country

Me Mule said education remained the vehicle of national transformation in human history, adding that investment in education guarantees national development.

“The government should ensure quality education as guaranteed in the constitution by putting more budget on education sector for the sake of growth, progress and all-round development of the country,”the MP said

By Agnes Orang’o and Gastone Valusi

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