Matatu officials warns operators against disturbing KCSE candidates

Okongo Mose, Kisii county, Mature workers union chairman

Matatu officials in Kisii County have issued a warning to operators driving near examination centers, cautioning against disruptive behavior such as hooting, which could disturb candidates taking the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) Examination.

The County Matatu Workers Union Chairman, Okongo Mose, has urged residents living near these examination centers to report any matatu operators engaging in disruptive behavior, including carrying and ferrying passengers near the schools that serve as examination centers.

“Some matatu drivers have been observed engaging in hooting and playing loud music near these centres merely for entertainment,” Okongo stated.

He further emphasized the importance of residents refraining from playing loud music and shouting in the vicinity of the examination centres, as such actions can be highly distracting and have a negative impact on the candidates’ concentration and performance.

Wishing the candidates success, Okongo stressed that they had prepared diligently for the examinations and need a tranquil environment to perform their best.

He also raised awareness about the heavy rainfall in the county, urging drivers to exercise caution to prevent accidents on slippery roads caused by erosion and falling debris from hills.

In addition, the Chairman highlighted the issue of touts harassing passengers to board specific vehicles, emphasizing that they risk arrest and prosecution.

Some of these touts have been found responsible for theft and mistreatment of passengers, especially children, and mishandling their luggage.

Mose pointed out that they have increased surveillance to apprehend individuals falsely claiming to be members of certain matatu savings and credit cooperative societies at the main stage.

Only genuine sacco workers will be recognized.

In a separate development, Evans Magembe, Principal of Senye Secondary School in Migori County and Chairman of the Nyatike Sub County Kenya Secondary School Heads Association (KESSHA), expressed confidence in the preparedness of KCSE candidates and lauded stakeholders for their support.

Magembe urged parents with day-scholar children to provide them with ample time to revise for the exams, ensuring their success.

He also praised the Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC), stating that it allows parents and teachers to identify and support their children’s talents, ultimately enhancing their prospects for a successful future.

By Emmanuel Gwakoi

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