Mandera leaders urge TSC to act on teachers avoiding North Eastern

Mandera Governor Mohamed Khalif

Mandera leaders, led by Governor Adan Khalif and Senator Ali Roba, have issued a call to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to take action against teachers who have chosen not to return to North Eastern Kenya due to security concerns.

During their visit to the Horn of Kenya County, these leaders, comprising Members of County Assemblies (MCAs), Members of Parliament (MPs), and Senator Ali Roba, expressed their disappointment with teachers who, in their view, had sought employment in the arid North Eastern region and then later sought to leave.

Additionally, Governor Khalif raised the perplexing question of why an individual would apply for a government job, undergo interviews, and secure employment in North Eastern Kenya, only to subsequently employ questionable methods to exit the region.

This sentiment was echoed by Mandera resident Adan Kullow.

“Once employed, these dedicated teachers seem to resort to undesirable means to abandon the very region where they initially applied to serve in the noble profession,” Kullow stated.

“It’s imperative that TSC dismiss these teachers and replace them promptly to ensure the seamless delivery of education because education is a fundamental necessity,” Senator Roba stated.


Governor Khalif projected a brighter future, stating that the region would soon become self-sufficient in terms of teachers, citing the presence of 700 teacher trainees currently in Mandera County.

Nevertheless, he overlooked the fact that, despite the local leaders’ efforts to encourage residents to enroll as teacher trainees, many locals do not remain in the profession for long, often regarding it as a job for those with limited means.

By Amoto Ndiewo

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