Man allegedly hit by County Govt officer’s vehicle pleads for help

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A man in Isiolo who was allegedly hit by a vehicle belonging to a senior county government official has appealed for financial support in order to pay school fees for his children in secondary school.

Mr. Adan Mohammed, 60, sustained lifetime injuries after he was reportedly knocked down by the Isiolo County government vehicle.

He says due to the injuries he has now been reduced to a beggar as he can no longer fend for his family as he used to before the accident.

Before the fateful accident in December 2019, Mohammed used to work as a night guard at a private premise in Isiolo town.

“The white double cabin hit me while I was heading home from work. I woke up later in a hospital bed,” he says amid tears.

He was in the Intensive Care Unit for several months.

He was treated in different hospitals including Meru’s Kiirua Mission Hospital and Isiolo Referral Hospital.

He developed long-term complications in his leg and back.

“I used to earn Sh10, 000 every month and although it was little, it was enough to manage some of my family needs including school fees.

The accident has reduced me to a beggar because currently, I cannot work as I used to,” he said.

He says his children, four of whom are in secondary school, are at risk of dropping out as they are currently at home due to lack of school fees.

“I fear for the future of my children because no one is listening to them whenever they explain that I can no longer work.

I am worried that they might not complete secondary school,” he said amid tears.

Despite applying for NG-CDF and county bursaries severally, none of his children has ever benefited.

He says he has on several occasions approached the county official in question seeking help only to be met with frustrations every time he visits his office.

“I visited him (at his office) after he was sworn in but he said he was yet to receive salary and therefore could not help.

I even asked him for Sh500 to buy food for the children but he told me he had no money,” he said.

He has appealed to well-wishers to help him educate his children.

By John Majau

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