Mama Ngina University set for expansion as State promises to compensate land owners

From left: Gatundu South MP Gabriel Kagombe, Mama Ngina University College Principal Prof Zipporah Ng'ang'a and other varsity officials at the institution in Mutomo village, Gatundu South.

Mutomo residents in Gatundu South who ceded their land parcels for expansion of Mama Ngina University College can now heave a sigh of relief after the Government indicated that they’ll receive KSh2.12 billion compensation.

Expansion of the institution has been delayed for close to two years due to delays in compensating the land owners.

The Government through the Ministry of Education (MoE) acquired some 40 acres of the adjacent land for expanding the university, which currently sits on a 10.3 acre piece of land.

The National Land Commission (NLC) in May 2022 brokered a deal bringing the compensation row pitting Mutomo Land Owners Association and the Government to an end.  The 179 property owners were to receive some KSh2.12 billion for their quarter-acre plots.

However, two years after the land owners signed the compensation deal, they are yet to receive a dime, a matter that has subjected them to anguish and suffering. They have been in fear that the State arm-twisted them into ceding their land.

However, during a meeting at the institution on Thursday, Gatundu South MP Gabriel Kagombe revealed that there’s progress towards settling the compensation row.

The MP divulged that a section of the land owners and the university administration met with Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua over the matter last week. The DP promised to intervene and ensure that the affected persons are duly compensated.

Kagombe also noted that they will be meeting President William Ruto next week as they seek to have the compensation process expedited.

He noted that currently, some KSh500 million has been set aside to compensate the plot owners adding that they are seeking more funds to settle the matter.

“The Ministry of Education presented the KSh2.12 billion during the preparation of the Budget Policy Statement so that the money can be factored in the budget. The budget is being prepared and we want to ensure that this money is factored in it,” he said.

Mutomo Land Owners Association Chairman Harun Gacheru said that they have been knocking doors in relevant offices including the NLC and the MoE seeking answers into the compensation delays.

The chairman noted that delays in releasing the money is not only delaying the university expansion but has also caused pain and suffering to the plot owners.

“In the first place we cannot develop the parcels or interfere with the properties on the parcels including trees and other plants which we are being relied on by the plot owners. Again after we signed the compensation deal, we were given one month to vacate. Most went to look for land parcels in other places and entered into agreements with land owners and land buying and selling companies. We have already breached the agreements because we are yet to receive the money to facilitate our resettlement,” Gacheru said.

The chairman however exuded confidence that they will receive their money noting that there’s political goodwill in settling the matter. He hailed local leaders including Kagombe and Kiambu Woman Rep Anne Wamuratha for intervening.

“The journey has been long and cumbersome but finally there’s light at the end of the tunnel and the progress so far is good,” Gacheru said.


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“We know the Government has been in a financial turmoil and we are ready to even receive our compensation money in installments until all land owners are fully compensated. We are happy that there is good progress,” he added.

The University’s newly installed Principal Prof Zipporah Ng’ang’a pleaded with the Government to expedite compensating the land owners to enable the institution to put up more vital facilities like hostels, library, playfields among others.

She also disclosed that the institution, which has 650 students, is exploring avenues to generate its own income and fuel its growth including implementing research projects, building hostels and adding more academic programmes and especially health sciences.

Resident Christine Kariuki said that there’s dire need to expand the university, which she termed as a vital development pillar in Gatundu South, noting that students population is increasing and they need vital amenities like hostels.

“This university is key to opening Gatundu to other massive developments which will create jobs and bring wealth to our people. We are optimistic that the President will look into our plight and provide a solution. All we want is the compensation money to be released so that we can all settle once and for all,” she said.

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