Malava: Community vows to shelve differences, support school growth.

Education school community wrangles
Friends Tande Secondary School new Principal Dan Masitsa Photo By Andanje Wakhungu

The community around Friends Tande Secondary School in Malava Constituency, Kakamega County, has decided to shelve it’s differences with the school for the sake improving the education standard of the learning institution.

There has been many years of internal fighting between the community and the school management.

This comes shortly after a new principal from the community being deployed in the school.

In a rare show of solidarity and support towards the school, the community has unanimously thrown their weight behind the new principal Dan Masitsa.

They lauded his speedy and calculated moves that untangled the institution from sinking into an academic oblivion after the community fell off with the former principal following what they termed as incompetency in handling both academic and managerial matters of the institution.

The school has in the past experienced poor performance and low enrolment as parents opted to move their children to other schools.

“We have a lot of faith in the new principal’s leadership skills, he is a redeemer who was posted at the institution in time to salvage it from becoming inconsequential and irrelevant academically.” Said Tom Sakwa a community member.

Sakwa who spoke on behalf of the community said owing to the new principal’s hands-on experience and coming from the community he would take the welfare of the students at heart and overhaul the bad academic record that bedeviled the school for many years.

A retired education officer from the area Magana Mwachi promised that he will support education programmes at the school by ensuring that the candidates have an exchange programme with both Musingu and Vihiga schools.

The Principal stated that he had already engaged the sub-county assessment from TSC and requested one from the Ministry of Education.

“I’m requesting the Ministry of Education through its quality assurance to come on board in term 3 and do an assessment too since we are in the thick of things.

We need to set things right and ensure that everybody is in the loop doing their part as expected.” Said the Principal

Bom chairman Dr. Harrison Kavinguha and his vice Professor Lucas Shamala supported the initiative and added that plans were underway to revamp the school’s academic potential.

The sub-county director of education Rose Chisumi hailed the calmness the school was experiencing and asked the parents and community at large to come on board and support education matters once they arise.

The chief guest from the independent electoral boundaries commission (IEBC) deputy chief executive officer Ruth Kulundu assured the students of prosperity once they took education.

“With education, you can be anybody in this life despite your gender,” She said

She promised to sponsor all university entry first semester fees for candidates who excel at the school.

She also said she was going to rally alumni behind supporting the school through education, motivation and infrastructure.
She however called on the parents to consider all the children equal in terms of fee payment to enable them to have an opportunity to assist them in the future.

By Andanje Wakhungu

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