Makueni Woman Rep warns sex pests preying on schoolchildren

Makueni County Woman Representative Rose Museo (right) awards Unoa Comprehensive Primary School head teacher Winfred Sila during prize giving day.  Photo:Lydia Ngoolo.

Makueni County Woman representative Rose Museo has warned men to dare touch school children.

She expressed her fear that no child is safe nowadays since girls are raped and defiled then boys are being sodomised.

“We will not accept this, the children have gone for their holidays safe and we want them back safe and sound. This is a trap we are laying for you men, dare it and you will regret forever,” Museo said.

The woman representative thanked Makueni County Commissioner who has been in the front line to fight against school children sexual abuse.

She was speaking during the prize giving day at Unoa Comprehensive Primary School which she praised for performing exemplary under the current leadership of Winfred Sila and her able teachers.

She called upon parents to take care of their children adding that it’s rainy season and there are water masses all over.


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“Kindly don’t let them play near water masses. Warn and explain them the dangers of playing near running and still water. Do not even dare to send the young ones in places where they will cross rivers. We do not want to lose any life,” said Museo.

The county MP urged drivers to be extra careful when on the roads adding that accidents are on the rise and we must be careful on people’s lives.

“If you are tired or you feel a bit sleepy, kindly do not risk driving. You better rest a while and continue with your journey when you are alert and somber,” Museo.

The head teacher Unoa Comprehensive noted that they scored a mean score of 310 with 248 candidates. She called upon parents to be extra careful with their children.

Sila added that parents should keep the children busy at home by ensuring they revise and do home chores as well as playing and resting which is very important in their growth.

By Lydia Ngoolo

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