Makueni County launches 21 ECDE classes

Makueni County CECM for ICT, Education and internship Elizabeth Muli launches two ECDE classes at Ulu primary school./Lydia Ngoolo.

Makueni County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for ICT, Education and Internship Elizabeth Muli has launched 21  ECDE classes across the county.

During the launch of two classes at Ulu primary school in Kiima Kiu-Kalanzoni ward,  Muli emphasized the county’s commitment to child-friendly ECDE infrastructure.

All classes feature separate toilets for young students, with a strong emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene.

In addition, these classrooms are equipped with lockable cabinets for storing books and food, each student has his or her own desk with ample spacing between rows.

The classrooms also incorporate water harvesting systems.

Muli also highlighted the importance of parents’ involvement in bringing their children to ECDE classes.

She revealed plans to employ more teachers by the 2023/2024 financial year.

Muli asked parents not to discourage children who may not pursue university education but to support them in acquiring practical skills.

She stressed that skills empower individuals to create employment opportunities for themselves and others.

The area MCA Justus Mwanzia Muema has confirmed its oversight role in ensuring the classes meet the required standards.

“Each class was being done at a budget of between KSh1.5 to 3.5million. The executive and assembly are in good working relations for the benefit of the residents. All the classes are of the required standard,” Muema said.

The head teacher Musyoka Nzuna, noted that there are currently 76 students with two teachers.

Of the two, only one is employed by the county as the school hopes for the second teacher’s employment to relieve parents in these challenging economic times.

Additionally, there is a need for teacher toilets as they currently use the church’s facilities.

By Lydia Ngoolo

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