Machogu freezes hiring of staff in public universities

Education Cabinet Secretary (CS) Ezekiel Machogu.

Education Cabinet Secretary (CS) Ezekiel Machogu has ordered a freeze on the recruitment of non-teaching staff in public universities across the country.

Speaking at Kisii University, Machogu emphasized that no further funds will be provided for the purpose, urging universities to focus on hiring teaching staff and the core mandate of universities.

He also called for a focus on offering quality courses and highlighted the importance of competence-based disciplines to address skill gaps in the job market.

Machogu expressed the government’s commitment to addressing funding challenges in public universities and making education affordable for those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

He said that the government had released capitation funds to ease financial constraints but there were delays due to rigorous assessments by the Ministry.

The CS reiterated the government’s dedication to resolving pending bills in universities and improving housing conditions for students, with plans already underway to construct hostels for 10,000 students at the University by early 2024.

Regarding the new Higher Education Funding model, Machogu clarified that scholarship programmes had been categorized to assist those in genuine need, ensuring accessibility to education for the poor.

He also praised the varsity’s Vice Chancellor Prof Nathan Ogechi for implementing reforms at the institution.

By Elizabeth Angira

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