Machakos residents want all-secondary schools to benefit disabled

Titus Mutua speaking during a function where PLWDs received wheelchairs from an NGO, Mobility Kenya.

Locals in Matungulu Sub-county of Machakos County have called for the establishment of an inclusive secondary school to accommodate persons living with disability.

Led by one Titus Mutua, the locals noted that accessing quality education has been a daunting experience for people living with disability.

He noted that most schools have limited resources and lack specialized facilities, thus leaving their special children with limited opportunities to thrive academically.

He also narrated that most parents are forced to take their children to far away counties to access education, stressing that the exclusion not only hampers their academic progress but also perpetuates societal misconceptions about disability.

“It is disheartening to see our children’s potential go untapped because there is no school around that is designed to accommodate their diverse needs. We would be more than happy if the government would consider building an inclusive school that will understand our kids’ abilities, not just disabilities,” said Mutua.

He also lamented that many buildings around were not disability-friendly as most infrastructure lacked wheel chair ramps and accessible pathways.

He said the deficiency not only hindered mobility but also restricts their participation in various aspect of community life.

“Accessibility is a fundamental right as everyone should be able to navigate their surrounding independently without barriers,” he said.


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By Agnes Orang’o

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