Lands Ministry to issue title deeds to public schools

School title deeds
Lands Principal Secretary Nixon Korir /Photo Courtesy

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Lands Principal Secretary Nixon Korir has told the National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee that the Ministry has stepped up the planned issuance of title deeds to all public learning institutions in the country.

According to Korir, the Ministry is now collecting data on all the schools without the vital documents to include them in the programme.

“We have directed the Education Committee to submit schools that do not have land title deeds to the ministry,” Korir said.

The PS further told the Mbadi-led committee that he has formed a technical committee comprising officers from the Education, Treasury and Lands Ministries and the Counties to help fast-track the process.

He informed the committee that he has involved the Treasury in the exercise to ensure charges on title deeds are waived during the implementation of the plan.

“We have asked the Treasury to exempt the institutions from paying charges imposed on title deeds so that we can issue them under public interest,” he added.

The Members of Parliament (MPs) had noted with concern that learning institutions were embroiled in disputes with individuals who were taking advantage of the lack of title deeds to grab their land.

Gatundu South MP Gabriel Kagombe lamented that he was battling with 159 cases of primary schools that were seeking title deeds to develop the institutions.

“My efforts to have the schools get title deeds have been frustrating,” he said as he asked the PS to intervene and speed up the process.

By Thuita Jaswant                

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