Laikipia Woman Rep launches fruit-trees planting initiative in 473 schools

Laikipia county woman rep Jane Kagiri planting a tree yesterday during the national tree planting day.

Laikipia Women Representative Jane Kagiri has launched an initiative of planting fruit trees in all 473 educational institutions across the county, with the aim of ensuring a rich harvest for future generations and mitigating climate change.

“This project is focused on promoting environmental sustainability, fostering healthy eating habits, and contributing to global reforestation,” Kagiri stated.

She further expressed her determination to provide fruit tree seedlings to each school starting next year, emphasizing the potential for learners to enjoy the fruits of their labor as these trees mature.

Beyond immediate student benefits, Kagiri underscored the project’s global significance in combating climate change.

“Fruit trees play a crucial role in absorbing carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen, and thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” she noted.

By Macharia Kiarie

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