KUPPET Samburu decries skewed promotion process by TSC

By Roy Hezron

Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) Samburu has decried the skewed allocation of promotion slots to Samburu County by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

KUPPET Samburu Executive Secretary William Lengoyiap told Education News that the promotions have not met the demands and true reflection of those who truly represent the bigger population of teachers in Samburu county and many other Arid and Semi-Arid Locations (ASAL) counties.

The branch is now demanding an immediate reconstitution of demand-based allocation of slots in different job groups to reflect the true picture of teachers’ populations; and immediate data-based decision making process in slots allocation.

Lengoyiap is further calling for holistic decision making process instead of the dictatorial tendencies of the Commission; and the Commission to write to the National Treasury for more funds to promote these teachers who have stagnated for years in one job group.

“All stakeholders in this important exercise should in one way or another be actively involved and that is not to mean we are in any way usurping the powers of the Commission,” said Lengoyiap.

He added: “It is important to have a motivated people for better service delivery and promotion is key in this.”

Recently, the Commission advertised a total of 14,742 teachers who had been stuck in the same job group with a sum of 3,210 going to secondary schools and 10,507 going to primary schools; with addition of 1,330 teachers set for promotions.

The promotions, according to TSC Chief Executive Officer Dr. Nancy Macharia, will be based on Career Progression Guidelines (CPG).

Dr. Macharia said that 1,021 teachers will be placed to 18 ASAL counties while other parts of the country will share the rest consisting of Principals, Deputy Principals, Senior Masters and Head teachers in primary and secondary schools.

Four Teachers Training Colleges (TTCs) will also get new Chief Principals under Job Group 5. Another 73 teachers are set to be promoted to chief principal status in both regular schools and in Special Needs Education (SNE) with another 603 set for principals in regular schools. Eight places are set aside for SNE while 17 deputy principals I are set to be promoted.

The ones in Job Group D2 that have deputy principals II are slotted 725 places while those Deputies in cluster III for regular schools have 224 slots. SNE will secure 15 places and 208 senior teachers in cluster II placed in the same group D1. Senior teachers 1 in C3 got the highest number with 1,330 teachers getting promoted.

A sum of 2,733 primary teachers will be moved to regular school and be put under Job Group C5. Also, 32 teachers in SNE will be placed for promotion with 7,720 Deputies in regular schools under C4 and 22 from the SNE replacing them.


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