KUPPET initiates bonding activities for teachers in Kisii

Kisii County Branch KUPPET chairman Laban Ouko. The branch has organized sporting activities for teachers during this and other school vacations.

KUPPET (Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers) will continue uniting its members through bonding activities such as sports, Kisii Branch chairman Laban Ouko has said.

He pointed out that sports provide an avenue for outreach programmes that enable easy and relaxed interactions with teachers.

“By coming together through sporting activities, we bond easily and provide a leaning shoulder to one another,” he said.

He was speaking during the launch of the inaugurated Chairman’s Cup that brings together teams from two blocks of Kisii Central and the larger Gucha region.

The chairman thanked teachers for their active participation in the first phase of the tournament that ended successfully.

During the April and August holidays, the games featured soccer, handball, volleyball, chess, and the traditional ‘ajua’.

Ouko, who spoke to Education News, revealed the main objective of the Chairman’s Cup as providing a forum for teachers to socialize and break the monotony of the classroom, even as they share challenges and successes in the course of dispensing duty.

“We discovered that many of our teachers resort to committing suicide due to work-related pressures without having anywhere to vent their emotions,” he said.

Saying that the theme for this year is ‘No more suicide for our teachers’, he appealed to all teachers and other education stakeholders to support the cause.

He said the second phase will take place on December 1 at Kisii School.

By Enock Okong’o

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