KNUT Yatta decries spiking cases of teachers committing suicide


Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Yatta branch has raised concern over the rising cases of suicide by teachers in the country after two teachers committed suicide in the sub-county in a span of one week.

Speaking to Education News in a phone interview, branch Executive Secretary Michael Kasimba Ngui said that pressure from the government was to blame for the cases.

In a span of one week, two teachers have committed suicide in the sub-county.

He noted that teachers were burdened by loans and the cost of living is skyrocketing with each passing day, saying that the government needs to bring down the cost of basic commodities and lessen the economic burden on Kenyans.

“The economic situation has taken a toll on teachers just like every other Kenyan, they are unable to make ends meet. The economy has gone up and what we are getting as salary cannot afford our daily course and responsibilities,” said Ngui.

According to him, teachers’ salaries have not been increased for the past five years thus making it hard for them to manage their bills.

“Banks are charging hefty interests on loans but our salaries have not been increased for five years now. How do they expect us to survive all this? The government should desist from effecting any deductions from our payslips,” he said.

He urged teachers to be mindful of their mental health and seek professional help when in stress instead of ending their lives.

By Agnes Orang’o

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