Knut tells parents to protect their children from widespread risks

Bomet KNUT branch executive Secretary Desmond Langat.

Parents and guardians in Bomet County have been asked to take care of their children during this time when the learning institutions have closed for a one-month holiday.

Bomet KNUT branch executive Secretary Desmond Langat said that the holidays are a bit challenging and parents should be close to their children and talk to them to understand the hurdles they face and guide them.

He was speaking to the journalists in his office.

“This is holiday, we are asking parents to control their children’s lives. Ensure they know when they go in and out. We want these children back in school next term,” he said.

He said that the children are facing danger from teenage pregnancies, early marriages and drug abuse and asked the parents on the watch out of the risks.


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“The parents should not abscond their core calling of ensuring that they protect their children against undue influence by peer pressure to engage in drugs and sexuality,” he stressed.

The unionist said the teachers and tutors have done their best to discipline students and taught them good morals while in school while the parents should also play their role in bringing up their children.

“This is an all-inclusive participatory exercise by all stakeholders in order to mould holistic, responsible and disciplined adults. It is easy for parents to discover when their children are engaging in questionable activities and should take time to talk to them,” said Langat.

He also encouraged parents to draw closer to their children and initiate for them meaningful activities they can do during this free time.

“The parents should be vigilant by ensuring their children are not exploited and their attention is not diverted by engaging in social vices like premature sex and drug abuse which at the end of the day will affect their future lives,” he said.

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