KNUT says recent teacher promotions were openly unfair and corrupt

Alex Dunga, KNUT NEC for Nyanza region. He has rejected recent teacher promotions as unfair and corrupt.

Siaya County officials of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) have complained that the recent promotions of teachers were openly unfair and corrupt.

Led by Branch Executive Secretary Alex Dunga, the teachers noted that the distribution of the promotion per county exposed a serious bias as TSC engaged in an exercise that gave out questionable outcomes.

“They should be open to tell us how many came for the interview, how many qualified and how have they were distributed,” Dunga noted.

He regretted that in Siaya County, it is not clear who went for the grades and who was picked in the recent promotions, thereby creating an environment of confusion and suspicion.

“This idea of just posting TSC numbers of teachers is not being open to us; we want a situation where your name is written plus your county so that we know there is fair distribution all over the country,” he added.

For Dunga, their investigations on the alleged malpractices over teachers’ promotions had revealed that some TSC numbers in the list of promoted teachers belonged to retirees.

“If you visit the list of the promotions, we realized that close to 1000 teachers who had retired benefitted from the promotions. How did they make it there? Were they recalled from retirement? That’s what makes it necessary to scrutinize the list,” he observed.

He also questioned why a teacher who had taken 20 years in service in one grade failed to get promoted yet others who just joined the profession 3 years ago got promoted.

“There has to be a clearcut way of elevating the teachers so that they get interested in this job. We have already given the TSC through our national office the complaints which are over 15,000 letters of complaints all over the country showing them that we are not happy and even shown them areas where there are discrepancies,” stated Dunga.


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By Erick Nyayiera

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