KNUT pushes for teachers’ hardship allowance in Koibatek

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Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Secretary General Mr. Collins Oyuu has called on the government to consider Koibatek teachers for hardship allowance.

The union chief said it is saddening for teachers from one end to be favored while other schools in other areas overstaffed are receiving hardship allowance.

He said the withdrawal of the hardship allowance since 1994 was not well thought out by the concerned authorities and called on measures to be taken swiftly to see they receive the allowance.

The union head while lauding strides made by the branch led by the Branch Executive Secretary Francis Bundotich in advocating for the rights of teachers and building a firm foundation of the union said the branch had the right like other branches to benefit from the hardship allowance.

He cited biting hunger and global inflation as reasons why teachers in the area should be included by the government as beneficiaries.

The Secretary-General said the quality of education in the area has been greatly affected by the issue of allowance and called on the local leaders to support teachers in their quest to receive their dues.

Baringo Senator William Cheptumo assured that he will push for the teachers’ interests through the Ministry of Education, Teachers Service Commission (TSC), Salary and Remuneration Commission (SRC), and Ministry of Planning and ensure the matter is addressed with speed.

The Senator called on a thorough review of the policy enjoyed by the teachers way back in 1994.

He said teachers have lost a whooping Ksh. 8.7 Billion shillings since 1994 after the government scrapped the strategy of paying them for only six months.

The Senator told teachers that he will team up with area legislators in parliament and move a bill in Senate to see teachers are paid their hardship allowances.

By Alfred Kimosop

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