KNUT outlines challenges faced by teachers

KNUT officials at a meeting in Nandi County.

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Nandi Branch has outlined persistent challenges faced by teachers in the country.

In a press address, Branch Secretary Stephen Misoi noted that despite the suspension of the delocalization policy, many teachers are encountering difficulties in returning to their home counties.

Misoi further underscored the pressing issue of inadequate teacher remuneration compared to other public servants.

He also expressed concern about delayed pension payments, urging the government to ensure preparations for these disbursements commence six months before a teacher’s retirement.

Additionally, Misoi appealed for the recruitment of more teachers, highlighting the need to designate regions such as Terige, Maraba, Chemelil, and areas along the Nandi escarpment as hardship areas.

“Local schools are grappling with under-staffing issues, resulting in educators facing numerous challenges,” he argued.

The union representative called for urgent attention from the commission to address the reported hardships faced by teachers seeking transfers, emphasizing the misalignment between the teacher-to-learner ratio and the necessity for increased recruitment.

By Evans Langat

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