KNUT oppose MPs move to have teachers’ retirement age reduced

Kennedy Nyamwanda, KNUT national treasurer speaking during the annual general meeting at Kathithyama on Saturday /Photo By Agnes Orang'o

The Kenya Union of Teachers (KNUT) has blasted lawmakers seeking to reduce the retirement age of teachers.

Speaking at Kathithyama, Matungulu Sub-County in Machakos County, Kennedy Nyamwanda, the national treasurer noted that reducing the retirement age to 55 will greatly affect the teachers.

He insisted that the retirement age should be left at 60 adding that it’s time teachers began investing.

“We are appealing to the Member of Parliament who is coming up with the bill to reduce the retirement age to drop it because teachers at 60 are still very strong.

The bill will bring more harm than good, “he said.

Nyamwanda also urged the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to fast-track the promotion of teachers.

He said that teachers have stagnated in grades for long and the Career Progression Guideline (CBG) is not helping the teachers at all.

“Teachers are remaining in the same grade for a long time and it’s only when they are moving to an administrative position that they are moved to another grade and being subjected to interviews,” he said.

And added, “We want grades B5,C1, C2 and C3 to be called common cutter grades so that teachers can only spend three years in grade B5 and move to C1 after three years to C2 then C3 and later be subjected to interview in order to move to other grades, “he added.

Nyamwanda had attended the KNUT annual general meeting for Kangundo branch accompanied by Yatta branch secretary general Michael Kasimba Ngui among other union leaders.

By Agnes Orang’o

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