KNUT calls on JSS teachers to stop unlawful demonstrations

KNUT General Secretary Collins Oyuu. He has expressed displeasure at what he calls unlawful demonstrations by JSS teachers on contracts.

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) has called on teachers employed on contract to teach Junior Secondary School (JSS) to stop unlawful demonstrations since they serve no tangible purpose.

KNUT Secretary General Collins Oyuu noted that it is not right for any teacher in JSS to be on the streets because they are only on contract and the results may not be positive.

He stated that the issue ought to be addressed by the teacher unions as registered entities to champion for the plight of the Kenyan teachers to avoid possible victimization by the employer.

“It is not right to mobilize new teachers just employed on contract terms to demonstrate. This is regrettable. The only avenue is to exploit dialogue with the government to resolve the issue. The JSS teachers had a contract of one year and we are all lobbying for them to be employed on permanent and pensionable terms. This is what we are doing now with the government as a union,” Oyuu advised.

He added “Our work as KNUT is to do advocacy and proper guidance to teachers on their issues. In line with trade unionism of the 21st century we believe that structured engagement based on dialogue bears more fruit and that is what we are doing now for the JSS teachers.”

He made the remarks when he presided over a fundraiser for Gagra Catholic Church in Rarieda Constituency.

By Erick Nyayiera

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