KNUT asks Govt to deploy resources for education reforms to work


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The leadership of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) in Trans Nzoia has challenged the national government to provide the necessary infrastructural development to support education reforms in the country.

The region’s KNUT branch secretary George Wanjala noted that limited physical infrastructure and fewer teachers will undermine the realization of the intended targets by the presidential working party on education reforms led by Prof Raphael Munavu.

“The recommendations by the team are very remarkable but they can only be realized if the government will channel resources towards the establishment of infrastructure and hiring of enough teachers,” Mr Wanjala spoke in his office in Kitale.

The unionist who welcomed the proposed reforms said they meet the expectations of the learners in the country with a practical approach which is the essence of the competence-based curriculum (CBC).

The union has also set sights on recruiting the more than 700 Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) teachers in the region who were recently placed on permanent and pensionable employment terms by the area county government.

“Our plea is for all the ECDE teachers in the country to be managed by the Teachers Service Commission even when they are paid by the respective county government to regulate their career,” he proposed.

The KNUT branch in Trans Nzoia has gone through transformation for the past two years with the membership enrollment which had gone down to about 200 shooting to 2000 teachers following an ambitious recruitment drive.

“We urge teachers to join the union to enjoy the benefits that they cannot get when they are not unionised. We are organising our Annual General Meeting on August 25,” said the Secretary.

By Osborne Benn

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