Kisumu Poly urges students to use peaceful means to air grievances


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The Kisumu National Polytechnic Council has urged its students to seek alternative means of raising their grievances instead of resorting to violence.

Council Chairperson Engineer Mashack Kidenda noted that violence has never been a solution to any form of dispute.

Kidenda at the same time defended the administration of Chief Principal Catherine Kelonye, saying that she has made many reforms at the learning institution since her entry.

“The chief principal, in fact, needs to be rewarded for the good work she has done here,” he said.

Kidenda made the remarks after meeting the leadership of the student body where he was furnished with a list of grievances the students wanted to be sorted.

“The thirty or so grievances listed will be looked into in order to see the way forward,” he said.

The Council boss disclosed that tuition fees had not been increased as alleged by students who went on a rampage on Wednesday.

They engaged police in running battles for the better part of the day with angry villagers and boda boda riders joining in to disperse the marauding students.

Area villagers accused the students of mixing with criminals in order to cause mayhem around the estate.

This was the second time the students were taking to the streets. The students blocked the road leading to Manyatta area before being chased away.

A boda boda rider revealed that some of the rioters were hired goons out to loot public property and cause chaos at the Polytechnic.

By Fredrick Odiero

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