Kisumu parents asked to safeguard school going children amidst escalating insecurity

Members of the Kisumu town security team /PHOTO By Fredrick Odiero

Security chiefs in Kisumu Central have called on parents to cushion school-going children against soaring crime in some parts of the area.

Members of the provincial administration led by town senior chief Willis Onyona said some areas had become unsafe for school-going children.

Addressing a public Baraza Onyona also cautioned Boda Boda riders against deviating into crime and deviance.

Onyona expressed regrets about the rising cases of mugging and burglary in the posh Mlimani estate in the wee hours and at night off late.

He warned that they would not spare the riders found culpable.

“If we arrest you we will deal with you ruthlessly. I am saying this without mincing words. We are not going to tolerate hooliganism or crime in the city estate and its environs,” declared Onyona

He was irked by escalating cases of crimes reported in the area largely inhibited by the rich and super-rich people who were the latest casualties and targets amid the high cost of living.

Onyona said security around the city has been intensified with twenty-four-hour surveillance to deter acts of crime.

“We are going to burn the midnight oil to ensure a safe place to stay and run around anytime at ease without harbouring any fear,” said the chief.

Mlimani residents have in the recent past decried rising cases of insecurity in the area.

They want police day and night patrols intensified to guarantee the safety of the residents.

There are claims that some Boda Boda riders walk in groups of three and reportedly rob people of their mobile phones, wallets, and handbags, suspecting they’re carrying cash.

The police urged residents and the Boda Boda riders to give suspects names. They also want them to tip the police of strange people in their midst who could be behind the criminal acts.

In other developments, the chiefs disclosed that they will start a program as from September 1 for orphans and elders over 70 years and above and people living with disabilities who will be registered to be put under the social protection safety net.

There has been a concern that some of the vulnerable people are not roped into the state-run social program.

But now the State in fresh efforts to rope them in the social safety net program is embarking on fresh registration of those who were locked out of the social protection policy.

By Fredrick Odiero

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