Kisii: School celebrates athletics gold medalist who is an alumnus

Mary Moraa World 800 meters Champion /Photo Courtesy

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Mogonga Secondary School fraternity and the surrounding residents have celebrated the success of an international athletics champion Mary Moraa who is an alumnus of the school.

recently Kenya’s Moraa won the sensational women’s 800m gold beating Keely Hodgkinson and Athing Mu from Britain.

Maraa sat for her form four examinations (KCSE) at the school before joining the world of sports.

As soon as they learned about Moraa’s victory the villages assembled at the school to celebrate in song and dance.

Learning about her victory, Kisii Deputy Governor Robert Monda lauded Mogonga PAG Secondary Staff for nurturing the athletic talent in the girl since her childhood.

“Her success is a big achievement for the county and our Country at large.’ He said.

Monda’s remarks were echoed by Kisii County Executive Committee Member (CECM) in charge of education Mrs. Leah Ogega.

In her congratulatory message to Moraa, Ogega urged her to aim at achieving more medals and asked other girls to emulate her.

According to an official report from Budapest in Hungary, Moraa 23 years old, won in the 800-meter race to bag a gold medal.

According to the villagers, Moras did not enjoy her life at childhood as other children because her mother died when Moraa she was only two years old.

“The message about her late Mother being an athlete encouraged her to venture into the sport and which has made all of us proud.” Said her teacher James Obara.

By Enock Okong’o

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