Kisii residents mourn death of engineer who helped the needy access education

The late Eng. Ronald Onsongo.

Residents of Bonchari Constituency in Kisii County are mourning the loss of an astute engineer, Eng. Ronald Onsongo, who dedicated his life to helping underprivileged students access quality education.

Reportedly, he was a source of inspiration for many who aspired to pursue prestigious courses at various universities.

The Kisii County Woman Representative Doris Aburi expressed her deep sorrow, emphasizing the significant void left by Onsongo in the region.

“He was a selfless individual who tirelessly supported children from disadvantaged backgrounds, ensuring they could access quality education, thereby securing their families’ well-being,” her condolences read.

Eng. Ronald Onsongo’s journey began in humble origins, but he overcame numerous challenges to excel academically.

His determination led him to Kisii National School, from where he qualified for a university engineering program.

Upon completing his education, he joined the civil service, where he served until his untimely passing.

One of his former teachers, Enock Nyangeri, commended him for his unwavering focus and his willingness to uplift anyone seeking his assistance.

“He was a brilliant young man who was happy walking working with positive minded people,” he said.

Onsongo is survived by his wife and young children.

By Enock Okong’o

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