Kilifi parents blamed for neglecting to educate their children


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Parents in Kilifi county have been blamed for neglecting to educate their children.

Speaking to Education News in Mariakani town recently, Mariakani division Assistant County Commissioner Dennis Barasa lamented that some  parents are so complacent and rely only on scholarships  and bursaries  from the government to educate their children.

“It’s the responsibility of every parent to strive to earn some income to cater for the the education of their children. Over relying on the government can lead to disappointments as not all children will get the bursaries,” he said, further warning parents who fail to enroll their children in school of arrests and prosecution.

He urged parents to give equal education opportunities to all their children irrespective of gender, pointing out that it’s only through education that rapid development of the region can be realized.

Barasa urged all education stakeholders to work as a team and ensure all school going children are enrolled in school as a move to enhance education levels in the region.

By Tsozungu Kombe

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