Kiambu unveils plan to raise bursaries to Ksh1B by 2026

Governor Kimani Wamatangi launches an annual bursary fund of Sh500 million for the 2024 academic year.

Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi has unveiled ambitious plans to establish a Ksh1 billion bursary kitty for needy students in the county by 2026.

Speaking during the disbursement of the third tranche of Ksh200 million bursary to 38,000 students, Governor Wamatangi stated that the fund currently stands at Ksh500 million, with additional tranches of funding scheduled for August and December.

“By 2025, the kitty will reach Ksh700 million and our goal for 2026 is to attain a Ksh1 billion fund, positioning Kiambu as the leading county in bursary allocation,” Wamatangi said.

The governor emphasized the county’s commitment to eliminating financial barriers to education, announcing the implementation of free day secondary education for all enrolled students.

“Our pillar of ‘leave no child behind’ ensures that all students attending day secondary schools will receive free education without discrimination, regardless of their financial background,” he explained.

Governor Wamatangi signs the dummy cheque. The amount will progressively increase to Ksh1 million by 2026.

Governor Wamatangi highlighted the allocation of at least Ksh5,000 in bursary funds per needy student every term in day schools and over Ksh10,000 for boarding students, a significant increase from the previous allocation of Ksh2,000.

“When I took office, the bursary kitty stood at a mere Ksh100 million annually for all 60 Wards in the county. This left needy students with meagre allocations and persistent arrears. We have now increased the minimum allocation to Ksh5,000 per term,” he said.

The county education department is dedicated to constructing an Early Child Development Education Centre (ECDE) classroom in each of the 527 public primary schools.

Currently, 134 classrooms have been completed, with the remainder nearing completion.

“By 2027, all our public primary schools will have ECDE classrooms, each comprising two classrooms, an administration room, toilets, and a playground. This ensures that every child has access to affordable education,” Wamatangi said.

Residents have welcomed the increase in bursary allocations, expressing gratitude for the county government’s support in keeping their children in school.

“We are grateful that the county government has increased the bursary allocation to over Ksh5,000 per term. This has prevented our children from being sent home due to unpaid fees,” said Mary Njeri, a Kiambu resident.


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By Felix Wanderi

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