Khwisero students undertake academic mentorship sponsored by NG-CDF


Thousands of students from Khwisero Constituency in Kakamega County are undergoing a mentorship programme aimed at enhancing their performance in this year’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations.

The programme, sponsored by the area NG-CDF, has brought together students and teachers from different schools to learn from one another.

“The main objective of this programme is to prepare the students academically and also instill moral values in them,” said area MP Christopher Aseka.

He further said the quality of grades in the national examinations had continued to improve in the Constituency since he put in place mechanisms aimed at expanding and modernizing education facilities.

He cited construction of modern storey learning blocks which have been put up in several schools as one of the catalysts to the improvement of education standards.

“We have also ensured that there is prudent use of bursary funds to our needy students. This has helped many of our children get access to quality education,” he added.

The legislator said thousands of other learners had been placed on full scholarships courtesy of Aseka Miradi Foundation.

By Denis Lumiti

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