Khalifa International Award for Early Learning 2024 invites global educators

The Khalifa International Award for Early Learning 2024 (KIAEL) has announced the launch of its second edition, extending a global invitation to visionary teachers, researchers, and organizations.

The initiative seeks pioneering contributions to the field of early childhood education, offering a total prize pool of USD 200,000 to celebrate and acknowledge groundbreaking work that profoundly impacts the realm of early learning.

Building upon the resounding success of its inaugural edition, which attracted over 300 submissions from 61 countries and resulted in four well-deserving winners, KIAEL is poised to continue its legacy of excellence.

In 2023, South Africa’s Data Drive2030, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Morocco’s Zakoura Foundation, and Professor Laura Justice from the USA were recognized for their remarkable research papers, innovative programs, and teaching methodologies.

KIAEL 2024 is divided into two prominent categories, Best Programmes, Curricula, Teaching Methodologies and Practices and Best Research & Studies.

Distinguished academics will assess entries based on criteria such as innovativeness, importance, impact, methodological rigor, and feasibility/sustainability, with two winners selected in each category.

Individuals, teams, or organizations passionate about early childhood education are invited to submit their entries by January 12th, 2024, consisting of a maximum of ten pages and an abstract of no more than 300 words.

The KIAEL Award aims to promote research and development, enrich the culture of excellence and innovation in early childhood education globally, and support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #4. By 2030, this goal strives to ensure that all children have access to quality early childhood development, care, and pre-primary education, laying a strong foundation for their future.

By Abu Dhabi

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