Kericho leaders urge Meteorological department to disseminate weather forecast to farmers

School children perform during during the World Meteorological Day celebrations in Kericho County over the weekend.

The Kenya Meteorological Department should come up with tailor made products targeted at sensitising grassroots farming communities and those in the education sector.

Several leaders made passionate appeals to the key organization to come up with products, majorly in digital form that could easily be disseminated as sensitisation to farmers on rain patterns and appropriate planting seasons.

At the same time, County of Kericho Woman Member of Parliament Beatrice Kemei requested teachers and members managing educational institutions to take advantage of the institution by taking students for educational trips on climate information.

“Several of my colleagues have confessed that they have never been to this place. Me too I have never visited this site, but I have gone to other places for such celebrations. When I did today, I am greatly impressed of the good things here. Thank you for bringing this great celebration of the World Meteorological Day to Kericho. I now take this opportunity to urge you all to be bringing your children for learning here,” she added.

She said the climate information was important in the education of the next generation.

The Woman Representative was speaking during this year’s World Meteorological Day held at the Kericho Met Station situated in Nyagacho area.


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CS, Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Forestry Soipan Tuiya was represented by PS Festus Ngeno. CECM Environment, County of Kericho Rosemary Rop represented the Kericho Governor Dr Erick Mutai.

Ainamoi Member of Parliament Ambassador Benjamin Langat  and his Emurua Dikiir counterpart Johana Ngeno promised to lobby the Parliament to increase of the budget of the department so as to enable it come up with tailor made products for sensitizing farmers, and making them to reap more from the seasons.

“Today we have seen that the department has a lot of information and I encourage you to come up with various easy ways of ensuring information reach the farmers at the grassroots level. You device strategies of disseminating the information through the various local Vernacular stations, that will reach the farmers easily,” he added.

PS Environment Festus Ngeno (left) engages in conversation with with Bomet Senator Hilary Sigei in Kericho during the World Meteorological Day over the weekend.


Dikiir MP said he was surprised to note the Kenyan Met station was the hub of meteorological happenings in the region requesting them to be proactive in their communication strategy to benefit the farming community.

Bomet Senator Hilary Sigei echoed sentiments of the legislators and said they will be supported in parliament through increased budgets and formulation of policies.

The Senator asked the stakeholders including the Woman Rep office not to focus solely on the empowerment of the girl child but now also give attention to the boy child, who seems to be neglected.

By Benedict Ngetich

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