Kenyans urged to support the new funding model

Manyatta MP Gitonga Mukunji

Kenyans have been urged to support the newly introduced higher education funding model, as it sought to foster equity and access to higher education across the board.

Addressing the University of Embu Community, the PS of State Department for Higher Education and Research Dr. Beatrice Muganda Inyangala argued that the funding model came at the right time and would guarantee vulnerable students opportunities to get the necessary education.

Higher Education and Research PS Dr. Beatrice Inyangala in her office.

Additionally, she termed the Ksh. 630 million allocated to education sector as a major indication that the government genuinely valued fair provision and access of all round education to Kenyan children.

Embu University Vice Chancellor Professor Mugendi defended the model saying it was the universities which stood to benefit from the model.

“The model will promote equity, access and inclusivity and Increase cash flow to universities which will in turn enhance the quality of education offered by our universities,” he stated.

Manyatta MP Gitonga Mukunji appealed to leaders to work with well-wishers to improve funding systems for college and university students based on regional needs.

By Robert Nyagah

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