Kenya, Tanzania teachers meet, agree on joint investment efforts

A section of teachers from both Tanzania and Kenya go through Secondary books in one of the school libraries at the Kenya-Tanzania border.

Teachers from the Lake Region of Kenya and their Tanzanian counterparts in Sirari Town have met and agreed on investing together to support underprivileged students and foster educational associations.

Shadrack Jumanne, one of the educators, underscored the importance of a uniform curriculum to facilitate teachers’ mobility across borders without pedagogical hindrances.

Geoffrey Mamboleo, another teacher, elaborated on their vision for educational programs during holidays, which involve exploring historical and geographical landmarks in the region, such as Shinyanga, Kasese, and the Rift Valley.

“Practical lessons should be integrated into teaching to enhance students’ comprehension,” Mamboleo stressed.

Geoffrey Mbotela.

Mbotela, an experienced geography teacher, urged colleagues to write more books about the environment and climate change to educate the public about these critical issues.

Anne Nyawangama emphasized the role of teachers as knowledge custodians and their responsibility to collect, refine, and disseminate new ideas.

She also proposed the establishment of a self-publishing press to empower teachers as entrepreneurs.

The teachers urged their unions, the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) and Kenya Union of Post Primary Teachers (KUPPET), to explore ways of economically empowering their members rather than focusing solely on negotiations with employers.

Girls from one of the Schools in Tarime Province,Tanzania.

They advocated for opportunities for their members to work abroad, where their skills can command higher returns.

Additionally, Tanzanian teachers encouraged their Kenyan counterparts to consider investing in more affordable land in Tanzania.

Moreover. the teachers were able to raise Ksh. 250,000.

They pledged to maintain ongoing interactions among themselves and their students through sports, drama, and other educational programs as a means to promote global peace.

By Enock Okong’o

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