Kennedy Loyale: Boy who lost both parents yet passed well in KCPE

Kennedy Lokite Loyale. He lost both his parents in a space of a year, and is now appealing for help to join secondary school after scoring 366 marks in last year's KCPE.

For Kennedy Lokite Loyale, life was a dark shadow of hell when he lost both his parents in two successive years – his father in 2017 and his mother the following year.

And yet barely five years later after being taken in by foster parents, he scored 366 marks in the 2023 KCPE.

Though the pain is still there, passing his KCPE opened his eyes to the possibility of a new life of hope.

Sure, he cannot forget what he went through, but the passing of time and the new belief that good things can happen in life are blowing a freshness into his wretchedness.

Incidentally, when he lost his parents, his sister was working as a househelp in Kapenguria town.

As life became unbearable, Lokite moved from Sigor to that family where the sister was working, and they welcomed him as their own child.

At Pastor David Kiprotich’s house, he adjusted slowly to the new life, with the pastor shouldering the responsibility of taking the young Lokite to school.

And that is when he entered Standard 6 at Tampalal Primary School in Kishaunet Zone in Kapenguria.

Lokite proved to be a hardworking learner in class apart from developing the interest of praying during all assembly sessions.

Due to the many family and psychological problems, he could not make it the first time he attempted KCPE at BCFC Christian Academy, so he repeated with his heart set on changing his life.

The big challenge for him now is how to raise fees for Form One.

He is appealing to well wishers to assist him as he hopes to join Kapsabet Boys National School.

Pastor Kiprotich describes Lokite as the most disciplined, hardworking and focused boy he has ever known. He also appeals to people with big hearts to come to his assistance.

For further information, Pastor Kiprotich can be contacted through 0713069007.

By Martin Ruto

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