Keiyo North MP welcomes move to abolish P1 training

Keiyo North MP Adams Kipsanai supports the proposal to abolish P1 certificate.

By Kimutai Langat

Keiyo North MP Adams Kipsanai has lauded the proposal by the Presidential Working Party to abolish P1 certificate.

Kipsanai says the certificate is outdated and there was need to upgrade in order to address the current needs.


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Speaking at Sergoit Primary School, he noted elaborate consultations were carried out before the decision was arrived at.

“Abolishing P1 certificate is a welcome move. Teachers with Diploma will easily progress their careers unlike the case now. I want to assure members of public that proper consultations were carried out,” he said.

He also said that a diploma would enable teachers progress their careers with ease unlike a P1 certificate.


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Kipsanai asked Kenyans to fully embrace the move, saying that the education, like other sectors, is undergoing revolution.

“Education, like other sectors, is undergoing revolution. P1 certificate is also outdated and is becoming irrelevant as far as tackling of emerging issues is concerned. I hereby asked Kenyans to fully support this proposal,” added Kipsanai.

Sergoit Primary benefited from various projects, after it posted impressive results in the 2023 KCPE and KPSEA results.

The proposal to abolish the certificate has attracted mixed reactions as teachers union oppose the proposal, on claims it would lock out many potential candidates.

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